Art is an essential part of your day. Like food. Get it?

  • Horoscopes
    Horoscope time! And good news: we here at Grocery Magazine are actually professionally trained horoscope writers. All the advice and information below is absolutely true and should be followed as closely as humanly possible. Do not mess this up.
  • A Lesson in Monochrome
    Monochrome is by nature a minimalist form of expression. It is a reduction to one color; abstract in ways that distracting patterns or prints could never be.
  • That Time I Met Judy Chicago
    There are people that we all learned about in school: George Washington, Richard Nixon, that guy that cured polio, etc. You know what I mean. These are Famous People. Their lives are considered worthy of study; their quotes and projects worthy of critical analysis. If you, like me, are an … Read more
  • D.Club.
    DC nightclubs seem to be, in my admittedly limited experience, a particularly comical phenomenon. Nothing makes me laugh more than the unlikely intersection of grinning, network-y smalltalk from political junkies and blaring 2017 Drake songs. This juxtaposition — heinously loud music with inane questions — makes the questions themselves especially … Read more
  • What did Bob Ross do with all of those paintings?
    Did someone buy them? Can someone buy them? Are they more valuable because he’s Bob Ross? *Existential deep dive into how art is valued.* Are they in a museum? Can I see them in real life? Do I want to?  So many valid questions and potentially great answers. If you're unclear on who … Read more
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